Find entrepreneurs, talented freelancers, and business employees

FIND MY SPHERE CARD is where you find entrepreneurs, talented freelancers, and business employees. Their SPHERE CARD provides access to conduct business with them directly.

What is a SPHERE CARD?

SPHERE CARD is a progressive promoting system for freelancers or business employees. It supplies the necessary tools that today, freelancers and business employees need to compete in the fast-paced world of online service and social media. It is an accreditation system that builds trust with consumers. The SPHERE CARD comes with the following features such as Messaging, Get Contact, Share, Direct Call, 10 picture slideshow displays, video upload, logo upload, profile picture upload, appointment maker, payment access, unlimited tech support, and more.

For Consumer

Find the skill you need to fulfill your task by using the search by category and then locate the job title. You can also search by phone number. With FIND MY SPHERE CARD, you will able to match your task to a talented Freelancer or business employee. You will be able to review the SPHERE CARD of each freelance or business employee. You will be able to search for any job titles such as CEOs, entertainers, beauticians, IT, plumbers, handyman, landscapers, doctors, customer service reps, and much more.

For freelancers, business employees and entrepreneurs becoming SPHERE CARD owner?

The SPHERE CARD helps you to be organized and efficient while on the go. You can safely and hygienically share the SPHERE CARD with others. It is more convenient for people to keep than a paper business card. The SPHERE CARD will have all the pertinent information about you and your service to promote your business instantly. The SphereCard reinforces people's confidence to do business. 

For Consumer Review

Review the match of the SPHERE CARD holder to see if their skills match your task; then, when you find one that does, you can call directly or message to get a quote or for any other inquiry. There are no middlemen involved. You will be able to do the following: 1. Communicate on-the-go efficiently and organized with the Messaging feature. 2. Send and receive secured files between you and SPHERE CARD holder. Store files for easy recall. 3. Receive a notification when you get a message so you can respond speedily. The notification feature is available, whether using the web or our mobile app. 4. Give consumers Real-time resolutions to their feedback.

For Freelancers and Business Employees

SPHERE CARD is the New Market Normal and the least expensive way to efficiently market you independently, on the web, and by both Android and Apple App. The SPHERE CARD is excellent if you are trying moonlight, or start your own business on a shoestring budget. The SPHERE CARD virtual technology makes your business information easy to share and keep hygienically. It also provides access for consumers to pay for your service.

We are here to help.

If you do not see a job title for your profession, contact us or submit a Support Ticket, and submit your job title, and within 24 hours it will be available.