What to know about a SphereCard

SPHERE CARD is a progressive promoting system for salespeople, marketing experts, entrepreneurs, business developers, or professionals. It supplies the necessary tools to compete in the fast-paced world of online service and social media. SphereCard has an accreditation system that builds trust with consumers. SphereCard includes Messaging, Get Contact, Share, Direct Call, Picture slideshow displays, video upload, logo upload, profile picture upload, appointment maker, payment access option, unlimited tech support, and more.

The benefit of having a SphereCard BRM

SphereCard Business Relationship Management (BRM) allows companies and individuals to stimulate growth and conduct their business on the go with ease. In creating the SphereCard platform, we address detractors and customer maintenance needs that usually are two main factors that impede business growth.

SphereCard BRM System

The BRM is a system that keeps the importance of a Card Owner's business while giving an amazing presentation of essentials that can be updated anytime with the opportunity to include slideshows, videos, and more without the risk of losing clientele. It has a secure message feature to add documents, video, and voice messages that can be sent locally or worldwide free of cost.

SphereCard Protects Users' Personal Data

Unlike free Apps, SphereCard does not save users' personal data to sell to generate revenue but instead charges a subscription fee to supply you with an innovative web Landing Page and Apps for your business.

SphereCard VeriSatified Badge

SphereCard has a Customer Satisfaction Policy System. When a complaint is received, the SphereCard Owner will resolve matters that are within their control. SphereCard Owners believe in good customer service as they know that it promotes their customers refer them to family, friends, and associates. All SphereCard Owners that adhere to the policy will have the SphereCard VeriSatisfied Badge displayed on their SphereCard.

Find the right skills or service for your needs

FIND MY SPHERE CARD is a directory where you find all types of business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or professionals. Their SPHERE CARD provides access to conduct business with them directly.

We are here to help.

If you do not see a job title for your profession, contact us or submit a Support Ticket, and submit your job title, and within 24 hours, it will be available.