The paper business card was created in the 17th century for aristocrats to announce they were coming to an area. Business owners adopted the concept to promote their businesses. Businesses found that paper business cards were great for peer-to-peer marketing and networking because people who were happy with a company would share the business card with their friends, family, and business associates.

A shared business card was considered a personal recommendation. People became accustomed to accepting the business card as a trusted recommendation medium. My SphereCard keeps the same concept but modernizes the paper Business card into a digital Business card app and makes it available for users to be online Business creators of their business cards.

How it works

SphereCard is synonymous with the "Sphere of Influence" because of the ability to share easily and engage others.

My SphereCard business card app is available in over 170 countries. It gives everyone who desires to start a business or expand, small or large, an online presence to meet the world's required demand. Consumers use the free business card app to understand the company or service they are interested in and connect via secured messages, video chat, voice, or conference calls—free global calls with wifi or unlimited data. My SphereCard affords a business to respond to consumers' inquiry needs quickly. My SphereCard empowers the consumer with a feedback accreditation system to give them confidence about doing business with companies found on our platform.

My SphereCard began as a business card app for peer-to-peer marketing real estate agents. We broaden the scope to include all business types, professions, and trades and provide excellent communication tools for them to build and grow a solid business network. We took some of the algorithms from our Real Estate Profinder App in 2018. Our software licensees get both a web SphereCard Landing Page and a Mobile Application that works together with a common goal to provide pertinent content of their service and offers so that consumers will decisively become their customers.

Our Goal

To provide all the necessary communication tools to help businesses create and maintain happy customers, so their customers are inspired to promote their business. Our technology provides all the means for companies to build successful networking relationships with consumers locally and globally. We are constantly developing ways to make business life easier to manage, making My SphereCard the only business card you will ever need.