The SphereCard Assistant Manager (SAM) makes setting up or managing content in SphereCard easy when you are too busy to do it yourself. Send SAM an email with content that needs to apply per card or to SphereCard's group, and the SAM will implement it. SAM is available upon request. Price based on the occurrence or a yearly flat rate.     



We made your SphereCard convenient for everyone to share from the web and mobile apps. Our primary focus was to create an all-in-one platform for our software licensees to market their business while making it easy for their customers to connect instantly by face-to-face, messaging, direct voice calls, or appointments. We also made it easy for your customers to share your SphereCard with their friends, associates, and family for leads and referrals. We know consumers are more apt to accept a SphereCard and keep it longer than a paper business card. Just think of how often you share a business card and do not ask for the person's phone number. Mainly because asking for a person's name and number may feel awkward or pushy. However, asking for a phone number to transfer your SphereCard is smooth, impressive, and up to date. Consider this: when you get the consumer's phone number, you get a potential lead, which gets saved and highlighted in your contact list automatically so you can easily find it. Sharing your SphereCard allows the receiver to view the web version or download the SphereCard mobile app.



SphereCard, LLC uses Net Promoter Score System within its application, called Reputation Protect. When you get a subscription, a SphereCard VeriSatified Award badge appears on your SphereCard. SphereCard gives the incentive to keep the badge because it enriches your creditability to consumers. SphereCard does not publish compliments or complaints, but if a complaint is unresolved after 30 days, the SphereCard VeriSatified badge will not appear until there is a resolution. Research has shown that most customer feedback is due to a lack of understanding. The person helping the consumer took it for granted that the consumer understood the transaction or forgot an instruction, and so on. The system effectively allows you to resolve the problem and prevent negative publicity. Sometimes, a business subscriber is not at fault and faces losing their badge. In those instances, you would manually send a ticket to support to resolve the problem.



You can solicit customer feedback using our preprinted letter by filling in their email and name, then click send. The feedback response may trigger Reputation Protect if a complaint is received.



Since SphereCard is for marketing purposes, all users must remain logged in with an email and password to get notifications when a message is received. The SphereCard has secondary security that requires a PIN to access your Messages or Dashboard on mobile devices. You can only log in to one device with the SphereCard app at a time, which means if you access the app on your smartphone, then go to use it on your computer, it will log you out of the app on your smartphone.



All SphereCard comes with an Appointment Maker and built-in calendar. You can schedule when you are available, and your customers will make an appointment based on your availability. You will see your incoming Appointments on your calendar. You receive a notification each time you get an Appointment.



You can edit, quote, and delete messages. You can also print out your Message by selecting the date and time. When you choose to Print, it will send it to your registered email to print. There is also a file cabinet in the Message that stores your attachments for 60 days.



You can copy your contact list to Group Share and easily send invites in bulk to your contacts.



You can print a SphereCard flyer, and it will also Print a QR code. The SphereCard Flyer can display anywhere, and consumers can easily use their cellphone to capture your QR code that will take them to your SphereCard to select the many communication tools to contact you.



Sometimes, people forget their phones or do not have access to them. The Find My SphereCard directory makes it easy for them to find your SphereCard. Also, they can search for your SphereCard in all the top Search engines by name because they are Search Engine Optimized. Users can access your SphereCard from any available smartphone, tablet, or computer.



Consumers can directly call from your web SphereCard by voice or video chat—the voice or video chat uses Data, so Wi-Fi or unlimited Data is required. You can return calls to one or up to 4 people by Conference calling. On the mobile, your consumers can contact you directly by clicking on the call button on your profile picture to call on your cell phone locally or internationally by clicking on the voice or video chat icon on the header.



SphereCard comes with three resource buttons that you can use to link to third-party web pages. You will also be able to assign the buttons' names of your choice. If you have an existing website, you can copy the URL of that site and link it to your SphereCard. You can also add your social media with the buttons provided.



When a user clicks on getting contact on your SphereCard, your contact information is saved automatically to their cell device, including your profile picture, phone number, title, and link to your SphereCard. The link will go directly to your mobile SphereCard if the SphereCard app is on your device. If not, it goes to your web SphereCard.



You can upload up to ten promotional images about your service or product to create a Slide and make a promotional video of your service or product to display. You can create an introduction about you or your service. You will also be able to talk about your specialty, which will show on your flyer. In your SphereCard Dashboard, you can choose the colors for your SphereCard.



Unlike free apps, we do not collect your personal information for revenue or use pop ads that remove your business's primary focus. Our subscription fee preserves your confidentiality. Your messages and calls have end-to-end encryption. Only by you giving us your password can we access your messages. We cannot monitor your calls. The password that you create to access our system is encrypted.



When an Enterprise Account is in place, you will get an Enterprise Admin Dashboard (EAD) to make editing two or more employees' SphereCard easy. You can determine what part of the employee SphereCard you want to edit or allow your employees to change it independently. The SphereCard content would likely differ based on your employee's job title. The EAD makes it possible to edit or override all areas of a SphereCard to control the content shown on an employee SphereCard. For example, in the EAD, you can upload a video that appears on all employees' SphereCard.



My SphereCard's name is synonymous with "Sphere of Influence." The Nielsen report emphasizes, "The most credible form of marketing and advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust; therefore, eighty-three percent of online respondents in 60 countries said they trust those recommendations. This level declined one percentage point from 2013 (84% in 58 countries)."  "Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide."



We help our clients tell their brand's story at SPHERE CARD, LLC. We're committed to helping you connect and grow through communications and other outreach efforts.