No. There is no fee to register to use the SphereCard as a Consumer.

First, you have the choice of Consumer or Business. After your selection, you will have the option to select register. When you complete the registration, the email address you use to register will receive a verification email. Click on the link in the email, and sign in.

To get your SphereCard, click on business from the menu. You will be able to sign up to purchase the subscription.

You can contact the person on their web SphereCard simply by clicking on the voice or video icon. You must first be a registered user and signed in. All permission must be allowed to get notifications and use your microphone or camera on your mobile or online web browser. Voice/Video chat will not work unless you allow all permission.

Yes. When you use the SphereCard call feature, you will reach the SphereCard owner on their mobile device.

As soon as you send a message, a notification appears on their web and mobile device. To get the Messages, you must remain logged in.

Yes. You have to establish a pin to get access to your messages.

Yes. As long as it is not over 15 Mb.

Yes. There is a 60-days limit before system deletion. The best practice is to download the Attachment to your device and save it.

Yes. On the web, click on the image to enlarge the photos. Click outside of the image, and it will return to size. On mobile, click on the image, then spread it with your fingers.

On the SphereCard Appointment Maker, fill in your personal information, and select the date and time. You will only be able to make an appointment within the available time.

Yes. You can save it to the home screen within the mobile app by clicking on the favorite button. On your pc, you can click on the three dots, then from the pop up go to More Tools. When you click on it, select create a shortcut. It will save the SphereCard to your home screen.

Sharing is easy whether you are using the web or mobile SphereCard. Click on the green share button to share and follow the prompts on the web and mobile.

You can leave Feedback by clicking Feedback, located at the footing Menu. You will need to register or log in to use it. Type the Name of the SphereCard owner, then select. You will be able to leave a compliment or complaint. Business subscribers that use our service strives for customer satisfaction. That is why they maintain a VeriSatisfied badge that appears on their SphereCard. They aim to resolve issues within their control within 30 days to keep customers loyal and inspire them to share their SphereCard with their friends, family, and associates.

On the directory, type the person you are looking to find and click on search. You can also search by category and then click on the title to narrow it down the search. Some title is in more than one categories.

No. You do not dial phone numbers. All you need to do is click on the call icon of the SphereCard you selected.

No. Not if you use Wi-Fi. If you have an unlimited data plan on your smartphone, you can make calls anywhere and do business on the go. Data charges will apply to your phone carrier if you do not have an Unlimited Plan on your mobile device.

No. On your smartphone, click on the phone icon near their profile picture on their SphereCard to complete your call.

When you click the share button, two options will appear: "save the contact's name and number to whom share. Yes or No." If you choose "No," it will provide many options to share the SphereCard. If you select "Yes," it will give a place to write in the person's name you share the SphereCard and a keypad to input their number. It will save the contact's name in your contact list while it provides many options to share. For instance, if you use a message, you must type in the name you want to send it. If you click the "Yes" option, you should see an asterisk beside the name enter for quick recognition when you start typing a few letters of their name.

The receiver receives a message with an invite link to visit the web SphereCard or download the mobile My SphereCard app.

Yes. You can access any SphereCard from any device that uses Wi-Fi access or mobile data, such as computers, tablets, laptops, or smartphones.

Yes. You can access any SphereCard from any device that uses Wi-Fi access or mobile data, such as computers, tablets, laptops, or smartphones.

Yes. You can print your messages. Click on the print messages button and then input the from-to dates. Your registered email will receive the printed Message. You may need to check your spam folder for the Message.

No. We strictly keep your personal information confidential. Our business SphereCard subscribers support our service.

Yes. On a smartphone, click the call button on their profile picture. You may incur charges using your local carrier if outside your locality. There is no charge for calling if you use the call buttons in the header and have unlimited data or WiFi.

To get SphereCard notifications, you should try the following steps below. If, after testing, you still cannot get a Notification, submit a ticket. We will seek a resolution for you.

1. Click Start > Settings. Or the “Windows Key” + “I” keyboard shortcut to access the Settings menu.

2. Select “System.”

3. On the left-hand menu, click “Notifications & Actions.”

4. Turn on the toggle. “Get notifications from apps and other senders.”

There is a glitch because video chat and voice calls are data-driven; your Video Chat and Voice call quality will be only as good as the network you use for data on a cellular network or Wi-Fi provider.

No. Consumers can only contact business subscribers. If a consumer wants to use the Video Chat, conference call, message, and voice call, one party must be a business subscriber to make and receive calls in a group.

Yes. The app's standby functionality will be disabled when not used consistently, and you will not be able to get calls, messages, or notifications.

My SphereCard is a business app designed to be a personal business assistant in certain situations where the need arises. Access to these functions is solely to make the app function to your benefit. The My SphereCard does not track or copy your personal information to the use of Sphere Card LLC. All your information is only related to your device functionality. However, it is industry standard that we must ask permission in advance.