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The paper business card was created in the 17th century for aristocrats to announce they were coming to an area.

Business owners adopted the concept to promote their businesses.

Businesses found that paper business cards were great for peer-to-peer marketing and networking because people who were happy with a company would share the business card with their friends, family, and business associates.

A shared business card was considered a personal recommendation. People became accustomed to accepting the business card as a trusted recommendation medium.

Paper business cards aren't easily accessible for every situation and can't reach many people simultaneously. Cannot update information instantly. Difficult to keep many.

My SphereCard keeps the same concept but modernizes the paper Business card into a digital Business card app. It is a business card maker for users to be online Business creators of their business cards.

My SphereCard digital business card comes in mobile and web versions and allows you to send-receive secure messages, get notifications, make voice video chat and conference calls globally for free and network with others seamlessly.

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