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The paper business card was created in the 17th century for aristocrats to announce they were coming to an area. Business owners adopted the concept to promote their business. Businesses found that paper business cards were great for peer-to-peer marketing and networking because people who were happy with a company would share the business card with their friends, family, and business associates.

A shared business card was considered a personal recommendation. People became accustomed to accepting the business card as a trusted recommendation medium. My SphereCard keeps the same concept but modernizes the paper Business card into a digital Business card app and makes it available for users to be online Business creators of their business cards.

My SphereCard has a dashboard that makes business subscribers personalize My SphereCard with colors, upload images to display in a slideshow, upload promotional video, video chat, secure Messaging and have video/voice conference calls. International calls are free with wifi or unlimited data. SphereCard has an online flyer maker so users can find a business web SphereCard from any search engine and print a business subscriber's SphereCard flyer with a QR code. SPHERE CARD messenger technology has all the communication and marketing tools to meet today's fast-paced global marketplace demands.

The My SphereCard gives the convenience to access it anywhere from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. SPHERE CARD LLC took years to Develop My SphereCard, which started as a real estate business card app but quickly changed to include all business types. Making it the best digital business card app and the only business card you will ever need.

“When you enroll, you get a business network building system.”

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