Our Story

SphereCard Business Relationship Management (BRM) build started in 2017 under Real Estate Profinder but expanded into SPHERE CARD, LLC because we found that every business type could benefit from the technology. SPHERE CARD, LLC is focused on improving the business card concept of the 17th century to a business relationship card of the 21st century. Sphere Card name is a registered trademark and is synonymous with the power of the Sphere of Influence.

The paper business cards concept was valuable as marketing reinforcement upon self-introduction or reference to someone who needs a particular service in the past. Though the business card concept is still relevant today, it has many problems that make people reluctant to take or keep them. 

SphereCard BRM has created the solution to the many drawbacks of a regular business card and makes SphereCard accessible from the Web, its Apple and Android app. This access makes it possible for users to use cellular mobile or Wi-Fi devices to access the SphereCard BRM solution. SphereCard BRM solution also has a system in place to protect a Card Owner's reputation and prevent detractors.