About Us

Our Story

SPHERE CARD, LLC is a business marketing technology company that provides a customer service relationship App with various advanced features to market and manage communication. It makes it easy to correspond and conduct business with customers remotely securely. We aim to provide our App Partners an opportunity to grow their business from anywhere that suits their lifestyle. My SphereCard provides businesses with a web landing page and mobile apps available in the App Stores.

The SPHERE CARD marketing system keeps the importance of an App Partner's business while giving an amazing presentation of essentials that you can update anytime with the opportunity to include slideshows, videos, and more without the risk of losing clientele. It has a secure message feature to add documents, video, and voice messages available locally or worldwide free of cost. It gives consumers access to remote video calls to subscribed businesses.

My SphereCard is user-friendly and convenient for everyone to keep. We have developed a very clean and simple interface that everyone can easily understand. It can be shared easily from a smartphone, tablet, or computer so that leads and referrals opportunity comes with every share.

SPHERE CARD solution also has a system to protect a business subscriber's reputation and prevent detractors. Our SphereCard answer is the most cost-effective means to build a business of any size, and it always remains relevant.

While My SphereCard is the ultimate marketing solution to cultivate and help convert sales, unlike free apps, we do not collect users' personal information for revenue or use pop ads that take away your business's primary focus. Our subscription fee preserves your confidentiality in the SPHERE CARD business marketing system.