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About Sphere Card LLC

Sphere Card LLC is a peer-to-peer marketing technology company that offers our worldwide community of professionals, employees, tradespersons, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and large companies that must build a loyal relationship with their customers to their brand, products, or services an easy to use marketing approach.

The Find My SphereCard directory creates a marketplace for consumers to find, contact, hire and recall their favorite businesses. It allows consumers to access it from a computer, smartphone, or tablet—the SphereCard mobile app provides features with many conveniences for users and the ease of doing business on the go. The SphereCard application supports the human element rather than simulated information of automated customer service that annoys most consumers.

Through interaction technology, sphereCard provides a consumer satisfaction resolution system. The system allows companies to monitor customer satisfaction and an easy process to resolve customer issues that cause detractors.

Sphere Card LLC started development in August 2017 with a narrow application for real estate agents. In 2018, the product focus expanded to include all business categories and job titles.

The SphereCard name is a work objective derived from the fundamental nature of the catchphrase "Sphere of influence." The SphereCard mobile app makes sharing and keeping company profiles easy, based on the principle that satisfied customers will recommend and share business information with friends, family, and associates, thereby expanding the growth of businesses.

Sphere Card LLC is persistently developing ways to simplify business life, making SphereCard the preferred way to stimulate business.