Our Story

SphereCard's Find My SphereCard directory is an advanced online platform that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide users with an immersive marketplace experience. With a diverse range of service providers, including freelancers, tradespeople, experts, and businesses, consumers can explore comprehensive and interactive profiles to find their ideal match to hire. The directory is easily accessible on the web, Android, and iOS apps, ensuring users can find what they need on any device. 

The platform aims to foster long-lasting relationships between businesses and their customers. SphereCard has developed a sophisticated venue with an impeccable, seamless customer resolution system to achieve this. This innovative solution enables companies to address customer concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring high customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation. With SphereCard's Find My SphereCard directory, businesses can maintain their competitive edge while delivering exceptional customer service.

The logo of the SphereCard brand represents its values distinctively. The letters "MY" are significant in online shopping and e-commerce, as they signify the app's ability to establish trust and confidence among its users. The name SphereCard reflects the company's objective of creating a satisfied customer base within the "Sphere of Influence" of its users. Users can easily and efficiently recommend and share their preferred business profiles using the web or mobile apps. 

Sphere Card LLC has been committed to enhancing business efficiency and establishing itself as the leading option for maximizing productivity since its establishment in 2017. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that businesses can count on us for exceptional customer experiences.