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About Sphere Card LLC

SPHERE CARD LLC is a marketing technology company that has developed the SphereCard app, a customer relations card with all-in-one business communication features that motivate consumers to become loyal customers of businesses that uses it. It is great for professionals, employees, tradespersons, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and large companies that must build a loyal relationship with customers to their brand, products, or services worldwide.


Sphere Card LLC offers our worldwide community of business individuals and companies a peer-to-peer marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) on three platforms that create an opportunity to turn consumers into their customers. My SphereCard business subscribers get a web page and two mobile apps. It allows consumers to access Sphere Card LLC SaaS from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The SphereCard mobile app is specifically for Android and Apple smartphones, providing features with many conveniences for users on the go. The SphereCard application supports the human element rather than simulated information of automated customer service that annoys most consumers.


Sphere Card LLC started development in August 2017 with a narrow application for real estate agents. In 2018 the concept was broadened to include all categories and job titles so that all types of small to large businesses could take advantage of the benefits the app provides.


Sphere Card LLC produces a win-win position between businesses and consumers through its interaction technology. The SphereCard app allows consumers to make appointments within the business hours of their favorite company. Its platform enables enterprises to post promotional videos and image slideshows to inform their customers of their services and offers without overwhelming the consumer with too much information to read. My SphereCard platform inspires customers to connect with the business that stimulates their interest, as everyone's needs differ. The App interaction features allow companies to acknowledge their customer's needs to customize a response. SphereCard Global communication tools, such as the click-to-call that includes video chat, conference calling, and messaging, make it convenient for both parties to arrange times to share their ideas for determination personally.


The basis of a successful company is good customer service, and SphereCard provides a reputation protection system that allows companies to monitor their customer's satisfaction and an easy process to resolve customer issues that cause detractors.


The SphereCard name is a work objective derived from the fundamental nature of the catchphrase "Sphere of influence." The SphereCard mobile app makes sharing and keeping company profiles easy, based on the principle that satisfied customers will recommend and share business information with friends, family, and associates, thereby expanding the growth of businesses.


Sphere Card LLC is persistently developing ways to make business life easier, making My SphereCard the only customer relations card you will ever need.