Our Story

The COVID-19 virus served a severe blow to the world's economy in the early year of 2020 because people had to quarantine themselves by staying at home. COVID-19 forced the business world to embrace using virtual technology to keep business activities active. People started social distancing to prevent the spread of disease, and virtual technology allows people to keep their distance while their business stays active.

The SPHERE CARD was created initially by Real Estate Profinder, LLC Technology, for real estate professionals before the pandemic. While the Real Estate Profinder app had not fully launched a person to whom the real estate professional's SphereCard was shared to test stated that this card would be great for all types of business as well.  So Real Estate Profinder decided to expand the SPHERE CARD to all professions while keeping Real Estate professionals as a specialty.

The SPHERE CARD name is synonymous with the terminology "sphere of influence." It is out of the meaning of the sphere of influence that the SPHERE CARD derives because it uses its technology to facilitate each person's area of authority.

SPHERE CARD provides virtual business cards for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small to big business employees, and government employees. The SPHERE CARD let the card owner provides enough information that lets card users decide to select a card owner. The SPHERE CARD meets the new standard of today's world because it is hygienically safe to share, receive, and keep.