SPHERE CARD LLC messenger technology is the solution to daily business tasks.



1. Problem: A business owner's critical duty is to keep their client informed or updated on an issue in a reasonable time. Currently, you probably shoot a text to your clients at times and essential materials you send by email. Those two lines of communication make you look in two different areas to piece everything together. You must examine if your document ended up in the spam folder or look through many emails to find that document with email. Your client is subjected to the same issue because they may not have a dedicated email for your communication.


SphereCard Solution: SphereCard has a message system where your client can message you and send documents. There is also a file system that also stores documents for instant recall. Your Message Center makes all your communication focus in one place, so there is no confusion. A business owner that lets all their clients/customers signup as consumers to use the Message feature can keep their communication organized between them and their client's/customers. When you send your client a document or voice message, a notification will appear on their device. A Notification will show on your device when they respond. This feature allows flexibility to maintain your business relationship on the go. You can voice, video chat, or conference call to follow up. Free Global calling with wifi or unlimited data.


How to Use: Users download the free SphereCard App or use findmyspherecard.com on the web and register and sign in. Your client will be able to find your SphereCard any time from any smartphone or wifi device, so you both can send messages back and forth. Your client can click on Favorite on your SphereCard, and it will save your SphereCard to the App's home screen for quick recall of your SphereCard. SphereCard is user-friendly before registration and after.






2. Problem:  As a business, you always need to market your business continually, so you usually get business cards and hand them out. By sharing your business card, you hope people will keep it to use it one day. You often pass out cards to people but rarely ask for their phone numbers because you do not want to come off creepy or pushy.


SphereCard Solution: My SphereCard Share feature will be one of the most important elements to use daily. My SphereCard share feature allows their associates and friends to share their SphereCard to someone's mobile phone, email, or social media with just a click. People are intrigued by technology more than before. For instance, how about saying to someone you met upon departing, "It was nice talking with you. Let me get your phone number so I can share My SphereCard with you so that you will have it anytime you need it." 99.9 percent will give you their phone number, so now you created a lead for yourself. Using this method, you do not become awkward or too aggressive to ask for the person's phone number.


How to Use:  Download the My SphereCard App to use the mobile share feature. Consumers can skip sign-in and go to the app home screen to find your SphereCard. They will use "Find by Name or by Phone Number" to input the name or phone number. They will see a preview of your SphereCard. When they click on it, they will have the following options: 1. Call your phone directly. 2. Save your contact info to their contact list with your profile picture. 3. They will message with attachment options. 4. Save your SphereCard using the Favorite's button to their app home screen for fast recall. 5. Make appointments with you. 6. Use the resources of your Resource buttons that you provide. 7. They can easily share your SphereCard with others. 


The following is how to use Share on the My SphereCard in detail:

a. When you click on the share button, you will see a pop-up that says "Alert!" You will see a choice to save the name and number or not. However, if you already have the contact number, select "NO." You will see a share option to decide if you want to share through Messages, social media, etc.


b. If you do not have the name and number of the person you would like to share, select "Yes." After taking a Name and number for your contact list, select the save button: the person's name and number with an asterisk to your contact list. The asterisk will help you to spot the name quickly you saved. Some phones will have the "My" logo as the profile image, and beside the name, it will also have the asterisk. It makes it easy to spot the name saved in your contact for sending purposes.


c. When you use the "Favorite Button" on the SphereCard, it will save it to the App's home screen for easy recall so that consumers do not need to keep searching by name. The recall icon makes it excellent for consumers who want to quickly share your SphereCard with friends, family, and associates.






3. Problem: Presentation is a significant part of selling yourself. An online presence in this era of technology is the best way to sell yourself. Consumers look online to find someone who knows their craft to personalize their trade information to address the Consumer's needs. A consumer's interest is in your presentation and whether it makes them feel confident to connect with you. Eighty-seven percent of consumers do not like going to websites too broad to determine if your business relationship is what they need. Most do not have time to piece the information to their needs, so they rely on friends' referrals.


SphereCard Solution: You can make an excellent concise presentation by uploading your profile picture and writing a summary about your abilities. Upload up to 10 photos of your work into the slideshow—for instance, upload pictures representing your skills. You can label each image with a price or description. You can upload a video of you welcoming users to your SphereCard or an info commercial of your service. The App provides areas to display your license info, your Specialty, areas you service, social media links, company logo, and payment options. The My SphereCard gives concise, pertinent information that excites decisive decisions.






4. Problem: Consumers can build your business or ruin it through word of mouth. To create a successful business, you must ensure little or no negative publicity by monitoring your customer's experience. A study has shown that consumers are more comfortable giving their opinion to others about you than to you.


SphereCard Solution: Your SphereCard will display a gold SphereCard VeriSatified Award badge. It represents that you provide a good business relationship. The System has a Net Promoter System that allows your consumers to rate and state their opinion about their business experience with you. Complaints or Compliments are private and go directly to you to respond within the System. The System provides 30 days to respond to the complaint. When you respond with a resolution to a Consumer complaint, the Consumer receives it for their approval. After 30 days without a response, the System removes the VeriSatified Award badge until the Consumer approves your response. If your Consumer does not accept your answer, you can manually contact Support to resolve the issue between you and the customer. The System restores the VeriSatified badge upon a resolution. Studies have shown that consumers with a satisfying business relationship promote your business through referrals.


How to Use: Consumers go to Feedback in the menu and enter the SphereCard Owner's Name to provide Feedback. The System also provides you with the means to encourage Feedback from your customer to ensure the customer has a great business relationship with you.