Attract Potential Clients by Optimizing Your SphereCard

Optimizing your SphereCard profile is essential for making a strong impression and attracting potential clients. Here are some steps to enhance your profile:

  1. Complete Your Profile:

    • Fill out all relevant sections, including your aboutskillsexperience, and contact information.
    • Use a professional profile picture that reflects your brand or expertise.
  2. Craft a Compelling About Section:

    • Write a concise yet engaging about section. Highlight your skills, experience, and what sets you apart.
    • Showcase your unique selling points and value proposition.
  3. Choose an Eye-Catching Cover Photo:

    • Your cover photo is the first thing visitors see. Select an image that aligns with your profession or business.
  4. Highlight Your Skills and Services:

    • List your core skills and services. Be specific and use relevant keywords.
    • Mention any certifications or specializations you have.
  5. Add a Portfolio or Showcase Your Work:

    • If applicable, include a portfolio section with samples of your work.
    • Showcase successful projects, case studies, or testimonials.
  6. Use Keywords Strategically:

    • Think about the terms potential clients might search for. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your profile.
    • This helps improve your visibility within SphereCard’s search results.
  7. Request Recommendations and Endorsements:

    • Ask satisfied clients or colleagues to write recommendations for you.
    • Endorse others to encourage reciprocity.
  8. Regularly Update Your Profile:

    • Keep your profile fresh by adding new skills, recent projects, or achievements.
    • Regular updates show that you’re active and engaged.
  9. Engage with Others:

    • Connect with fellow professionals, clients, and potential collaborators.
    • Participate in discussions, share valuable content, and engage with SphereCard’s community.
  10. Promote Your SphereCard Profile:

    • Share your SphereCard link on social media, your website, and in your email signature.
    • Encourage clients to connect with you through SphereCard.

Remember, your SphereCard profile is your digital business card. Make it stand out and leave a lasting impression!


Solution to Achieve Long-Term Growth


1. Problem: Business owners often hand out cards to attract customers and increase sales. However, many people don't keep them, and business owners often hesitate to ask for the recipient's phone number, making it challenging to follow up.

SphereCard Solution: The SphereCard Share feature is an essential tool to use every day. It allows associates and friends to share their SphereCard with someone's mobile phone, email, or social media with just a click. People are increasingly interested in technology, and you can leverage this by offering to share your SphereCard with someone you meet. For example, after a conversation, you can say, "It was nice talking with you. Let me get your phone number so I can share My SphereCard with you so you will have it anytime you need it." Almost everyone will be happy to give you their phone number, and you can use this opportunity to generate leads without appearing too pushy.

How it Works: To easily share your SphereCard with others, download the SphereCard App for the mobile share feature. After installing the app, you can skip sign-in and go directly to the app's home screen to find your SphereCard. Use the "Find by Name" option to find your card and input your name. You will then see a preview of your SphereCard. When others click on it, they will have several options:

  1. They can call your phone directly.
  2. They can save your contact information on their contact list along with your profile picture.
  3. They can message you with attachment options.
  4. They can save your SphereCard to their favorites for quick recall.
  5. They can make appointments with you.
  6. They can access the resources you provide through the resource buttons.
  7. They can easily share your SphereCard with others.

To share your SphereCard, click Share and choose how you want to share it. Select "NO" on the alert pop-up if you already have the contact number.

Add their name and number to your contact list and save to share a contact. The contact will appear with an asterisk in your list, making it easy to spot. Some phones may show the "My" logo as the profile image.

You can easily use the "Easy Share" button in the app to share your business profile with others. This feature is particularly useful when quickly sharing your SphereCard with others.



2. Problem: A good presentation is crucial to showcasing yourself. An online presence is the best way to promote yourself. Customers look online for professionals who have expertise in their field. Your presentation plays a vital role in attracting customers. 87% of customers prefer visiting websites that cater to their specific needs. Your online presence should be informative and engaging. Most customers rely on referrals from trusted friends before making a decision.

SphereCard Solution:

  • Upload your profile picture.
  • Write a summary of your skills.
  • Add up to 10 photos to showcase your work.

You can label each image with a price or description. You can also upload a video to welcome users and promote your service. Display your license information, specialty, service areas, social media links, company logo, and payment options. With the concise information on your SphereCard, you can excite potential clients and facilitate quick decision-making.



3. Problem: Customer opinions can make or break your business. Studies show customers share their opinions more freely with others than with you.

SphereCard Solution: SphereCard is a system that allows customers to give feedback about their business. The system uses a net promoter system for ratings and opinions. A gold VeriSatified Award badge is displayed when you maintain good customer service. Complaints and compliments are private. You have 14 days to respond to a complaint. If the complaint remains unsolved, the system removes the badge. Customers with satisfying business relationships are likelier to recommend your business to others, and our system aims to encourage others to promote your business.

How it Works: Consumers go to Feedback in the menu and enter the business subscriber's name to provide feedback. The system then sends the feedback to your Compliment & Complaint section, which is available when you log in.